Thursday, February 26, 2009

Family Night

We decided to take the kids to dinner tonight and have family night since our weekend will be so crazy with Sterling and I both working. We took them to El Chico...which seems to be our place lately, I'm not sure why? Well, tonight the "balloon" guy was there. He comes around the tables and makes things out of balloons for the kids. Luke and McKenzie could hardly contain theirselves. Infact, the guy didn't make it to our table until our check came. But, luckily for the kids he came. They were SO excited. McKenzie wanted a fish so bad and Luke got a fishing pole with a fish attached...I've never seen him so excited. He kept trying to fish over the table next to us. What a great time with the kids...we laughed alot!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Muffin's for Moms!

This morning I went with McKenzie to Muffins for Moms at her school. They have lots of muffins, drinks and reading time with your child! It is great to be able to spend time with her. Lately, we have had a busy month with Luke and it was nice to have one on one attention with her. I'm not sure we finished a book though. I think we had more fun visiting with each other and laughing at her chocolate mouth from her muffin!! And of course seeing all her friends in another setting other than the classroom is somehow fun for her! She is defiantly my social butterfly!!! I hope to have many more memories like this with my daughter! Love you, McKenzie!!

Luke's First Day of Preschool!!

Daddy got doughnuts for my first day!
this is my, please hold it!
My teacher, Mrs. Gass!
Already ready to play....BYE MOM!

On Tuesday, February 17, Luke started preschool!! He is actually at Leisure Park Elementary where McKenzie goes to school. Since he has been with Soonerstart the last year with speech and occupational therapy he automatically qualified for Broken Arrow School system's program. His class is just like a regular preschool but most kids there have some sort of a delay. He will also get extra help with speech!! Although, it is hard to explain to people, has a crummy name (Developmental Delay) that I can't seem to get over and very emotional...I know that he is exactly where he needs to be! I know that he has been blessed to have had all this help!! It has been overwhelming to see God's hand in all of this the last year!!

His first day was a little shaky...for mom!!! Luke decided not to sleep the night before but he did great on his first day!! He was so excited to see the bird (the class pet) and to play with friends! I'm excited to look back at this in a year and see how far he's come!


On Valentine's Day we took it pretty low key...we have for the last three years! Since Luke's birthday is the day before it really seems to outshine any Valentine's Day talk. But..we decided that we did want to teach our children about how important it is to love our family and friends and about Jesus' love for us. We took the kids to El Chico for dinner and had some good family fun! Daddy got us their chocolate cake for dessert!! YUM! Strangely, it's my favorite cake!!!

Luke Turns 3!!!!

On Friday February 13th Luke turned three years old! I can't believe he is so big!! Luke has been a true gift from God!! He is so sweet and makes us all smile. He still loves cars...but only the ones from the movie Cars otherwise forget it. His new obsession is Wall-E. Not only does he want to watch it every day...sometimes twice he loves his Wall-E and Eve toys! He loves chocolate milk and lemonade, elephants, tackling his dad, Ella and listening to Hannah Montana...something I can't wait to show him when he's older!!

We celebrated his party at of course, Party Time! He had a Wall-E birthday party with lots of friends and family! He couldn't wait to eat his cake! This is the first year he blew out his candles by himself...which he did after singing Happy Birthday to himself and didn't wait for the song to be finished! Such a great memory I hope I never forget!!


Sunday, February 15, 2009


It's always a trying experience to photograph the cousins together. All my mom wants is a picture of all four of her grandchildren smiling in a photo...well, we try! Unfortunately it's always Luke who isn't in the mood. He HATES to have his picture taken!!!!! Oh..well, here's an attempt!

McKenzie's Valentine's Day Party (At School)

McKenzie and her best friend Hannah
McKenzie and her teacher, Mrs. Moore
McKenzie at her desk

On Friday McKenzie had her class Valentine's Day party. They played bingo, conversation hearts Olympics, had goodies and read their valentines. As always I snapped some photos!